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General Information
Our image analysis software is capable of handling many different types of imaging tasks in a wide variety of applications.

The major highlights of the software are its flexibility, versatility, ease of use, customizability, and support.

The primary application for most of our users is in counting and measuring (quantifying) objects in images.  But, the software also has many great features for the visualization of samples as well.  You can create 3D movies of your image samples rotating, combine multiple fluorescence wavelengths into one composite image, view a profile of your image intensities in a 3D surface plot, etc.

Read further to find out why the the most prestigious organizations choose MVIA for their imaging needs.

Have you purchased image analysis software in the past, only to find that when you really need assistance in using it no one is there to help you?  This is not the way we treat our clients.  Support is the most critical issue that arises when you actually start using image analysis software. Our support is second to none in the imaging community.  The following items prove that point.

We offer 3 years of free upgrades!  While most imaging software only comes with one year (or, in some cases only 90 days!) of free upgrades, we offer 3 full years.  No maintenance fees or upgrade costs are involved as with other packages.  This is done as a service to our clients to thank them for their support.  And, our software costs the same or less than competitive products to begin with.  If you add the cost of all their maintenance plans and upgrade fees over the course of 3 years, this is a tremendous savings.

Telephone support is also included for 3 full years.  Again, our competitors only offer 90 days to one year of support.  When dealing with research, your imaging needs will almost certainly change over the course of 3 years.  Being able to call someone and actually speak with a person to discuss your new application requirements is critical.  Only offering  90 days of telephone support shows a lack of commitment to customer service and client needs.  We'll be there to support you with guidance on how to implement your new needs when they arise.

On-site training is also available for those whose imaging requirements are too complicated to be solved with a phone call.

Customized application development is another service that we offer.  We can build a custom module for our software specific to your needs.  This will simplify complex tasks that normally require a wide variety of imaging functions and make it much quicker for you to do your analysis.  It also ensures that multiple users process the images in the same way, ensuring consistent results.

If you need support or would like to discuss our support in greater detail, please contact us.

Physical Size Measurement List
Following is a list of measurements that can be made with our automatic object detection and measurement.
Please note that you can also perform measurements manually and define your own automatic
 measurement equations, making the actual number of measurements you can make almost limitless.

Both Summary and Detail Measurements (below) can be made simultaneously.

There are also many other types of measurements the software can make aside from physical measurements, 
such as intensity profiles.  Please see the Features And Functions section for more details.

If you would like to discuss any specific measurements you need to make, please feel free to contact us.

Summary Measurements
These measurements are designed for those who wish to analyze their images in their entirety and are not interested in obtaining separate data for each object, but rather analyzing the image as a whole.
  • Object Count
  • Percent Object Area
  • Summary Minimum Intensity
  • Selected Area
  • Summary Average Intensity
  • Summary Maximum Intensity
  • Total Object Area
  • Summary Total Intensity
  • 10 Custom User-Definable Summary Equations
Detail Measurements
These measurements are designed for those who wish to analyze their images and get separate measurements for each individual object.
  • Object Number
  • Perimeter
  • Diameter
  • Elongation
  • Centroid X Location
  • Centroid Y Location
  • Bin Classification
  • Equivalent Circle Diameter
  • Equivalent Sphere Volume
  • Weighted Centroid X
  • Weighted Centroid Y
  • Minor Axis Diameter
  • Minor Axis Diameter X1
  • Minor Axis Diameter Y1
  • Minor Axis Diameter X2
  • Minor Axis Diameter Y2
  • Units
  • Shape Factor
  • Enclosure Left
  • Enclosure Right
  • Enclosure Top
  • Enclosure Bottom
  • Thread Length
  • Thread Width
  • Minimum Radius
  • Minimum Radius X
  • Minimum Radius Y
  • Weighted Minimum Radius
  • Weighted Minimum Radius X
  • Weighted Minimum Radius Y
  • 10 Custom User-Definable Detail Equations
  • Area
  • Hole Count
  • Orientation
  • Roundness
  • Minimum Intensity
  • Maximum Intensity
  • Total Intensity
  • Average Intensity
  • Maximum Radius
  • Maximum Radius X
  • Maximum Radius Y
  • Weighted Maximum Radius
  • Weighted Maximum Radius X
  • Weighted Maximum Radius Y


Partial List Of Features And Functions
The following is a partial list of some of the features and functions in our software.
ALL of these functions are included with the FULL version of our software unless otherwise noted. 

If you have any questions about specific capabilities, please contact us.
  • Process and analyze both color and/or monochrome images.
  • Process and analyze images in brightfield, fluorescence, DIC, Phase, etc.
  • True 32 bit software with NO embedded 16 bit code and NO 16 bit DLL thunking.
  • Color acquisition in True 24 or 48 Bit RGB  from digital or analog sources (NTSC, PAL, RS-170, CCIR, composite, Y/C, and RGB).
  • Monochrome acquisition from digital or analog sources (RS-170, PAL, composite, Y/C, and RGB) in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 32, etc. bit depth.
  • Color image analysis in 24 or 48 bit (processing and threshold available in both RGB and HSV color models).
  • Monochrome image analysis in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 32, etc. bit depth.
  • Morphometric and Densitometric (intensity) analysis.
  • Counting features including manual or auto count.
  • Over 50 different physical measurements can be made with our automatic object detection and measurement tool.  See the Measurements List for more details.
  • User defined equations can be input to generate your own custom measurement parameters.
  • Automatic classification of objects based on user-defined specifications.
  • Image processing, including background subtraction and contrast enhancement of color or monochrome images.
  • Automatically generate VB or C++ code from Macro Editor.
  • Multiple automation levels (macros, scripts and OLE automation).
  • User-configurable tool, script, macro and application bars and boxes to customize the interface specific to your needs.
  • Camera control (Integration) for low light level image acquisition such as fluorescence imaging.
  • Digital CCD fast frame rate focus routine.
  • Digital CCD camera support including decimation, binning, region selection, temperature, exposure time, gain, offset, and white balance.
  • TWAIN support for scanners and digital cameras including blind twain.
  • Real time processing of live images, including averaging to remove noise, subtraction, and enhancement.
  • Logic and Arithmetic image functions, including Boolean Math; ADD, AND, OR, XOR, DIFF, MIN, MAX, +, -, /, *, and Single image operations.
  • Binary Operations, including Open, Close, Dilate, Erode, Prune, Skeletonize, Break Nodes, Fill Holes, and Rank Filtering Minimum, Median, and Maximum.
  • Plug-in feature to seamlessly add Third party DLL's like Volume Rendering.
  • Chroma Key for seamless image merging.
  • Mesh Warp or Morph multiple images together.
  • Image Rotation and Horizontal or Vertical image flipping.
  • Image Resample to enlarge or reduce image size.
  • Montage feature to merge stored or live images together into a large image.
  • Gray Wedge stamp to help with density calibration.
  • Radial, line, box and curved grid creation.
  • Line drawing or curve drawing for distance or length measurements.
  • RGB or Monochrome image histogram in 8, 16, 24 and 48 bits.
  • Equalization to optimize image pixel values based on image histogram values.
  • Colocalization measurement.
  • Pseudocoloring of monochrome images.
    • FFT module INCLUDED (forward, reverse and edit) for removing noise from your images.
    • De-convolution module INCLUDED.  Single Image and Nearest Neighbor methods are INCLUDED.  Full stack iterative is available.
    • 3D reconstruction and image animation with TIF or AVI format output so you can make movies of your images and rotate them through a user definable rotation range.
    • Drawing tools such as curve, line, polygon and circle with node control.
    • Image kernel (filter) editing or defining for convolution and image enhancement.  There are built in kernels and you can also define your own.
    • Multi layer (through an image stack) image processing including crop and threshold.
    • TIFF, BMP, TGA, & SPE image support (8, 16, 24, & 48 bit image support and floating point support for FFT) and JPEG or AVI included via included plugin.
    • Load IMG, JPEG, Pic, Biorad Pic, and user defined image formats.
    • 3D imaging viewing in RED and GREEN or 3D Profiles.
    • Compose fluorescent overlaid images using copy planes or Merger functions.
    • Shift image planes to correct fluorescent image alignment (pixel shift).
    • Build a 24 or 48 bit RGB image with a Black and White Camera and 3 Filters.
    • DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) to send data directly to Excel (and other programs).
    • Write text, arrows, circles, lines, scales, distances, and time data in any color or font.
    • Definable LUTs (look up tables) to artificially color images.
    • Calibration in any unit (e.g. microns, millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, miles, etc.)
    • Automatic memorization of all the last operator settings used.
    • Annotation and image retrieval based on written text in image header.
    • Live or frozen image viewing within a Window or Full screen.
    • Movie animation for time-lapse, 3D (Z-series), 4D (Z-series timelapse), 5D (XYZ multiple location time-lapse) or 6D (XYZ multiple location and wavelength time-lapse).  *An additional module is required to control the microscope hardware.
    • Image Zooming for static or live looped images.
    • Create hundreds of image buffers.
    • Color Correction to boost or suppress image color brightness.
    • Rectangular, Elliptical, Polygon or Trace object selection.
    • Color or Monochrome image thresholding in 8, 16, 24, or 48 bits.
    • Auto threshold bright or dark objects.
    • Adaptive Thresholding for background suppression or object expression.
    • Color or monochrome pixel value readings.
    • Manual or automatic object count and manual or automatic color segmentation.
    • Data filtering, binning categorization and click to reject feature.
    • Up to 10 levels of Undo operations.
    • Data sorting and selection from data results window.
    • Third party PlugIn support.
    • Camera software driver development kit available.
    • Complete menu configuration.
    • Serial device (.dcd) hardware communication via a simple text file. (filter wheels etc.).
    • Device control (i.e. XYZ-Axis, Filter Wheels, Shutters, Microscope, VCR, Monochromator, DG4, Light Relay Box, etc. via TTL, I/O or serial port).
    • Multiple camera and grabber drivers supported including Direct Show and FireWire.
    • Windows on-line context sensitive help, in html format, plus a written manual is supplied.
    • Custom application development is available for your specific needs, if required, at reasonable fees.

    Fields Of Study For Some Of Our Users
    This is a partial listing of some of the fields of study that our software is currently being used in.
    If you would like to discuss your particular field of study, please feel free to contact us.
    Life Sciences
    Industrial Applications
    Law Enforcement Applications
    Other Applications
    • General Biology
    • Neurology
    • Materials Analysis
    • Histology
    • Pathology
    • Cell Biology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Genetics 
    • Neuroscience 
    • Immunology 
    • Pharmacology 
    • Oncology 
    • Anatomy 
    • Physiology 
    • Ophthalmology 
    • Marine Biology 
    • Fluorescence Microscopy
    • Brightfield Microscopy
    • DIC Microscopy
    • Phase Contrast Microscopy
    • Material Science 
    • Pharmaceutical Testing/Screening
    • Andrology analysis
    • Quality Assurance 
    • Metallurgy 
    • Ceramics 
    • Color Metric Analysis 
    • Semiconductor Analysis 
    • Non-Destructive Testing 
    • Failure Analysis 
    • Mineralogy
    • Paper & Printed Material Analysis 
    • LCD/CCD Inspection 
    • Automated Inspection 
    • Forensics 
    • Surveillance Videotape Enhancement 
    • Photograph Enhancement 
    • Latent Fingerprint Enhancement 
    • Astronomy 
    • Agriculture
    • Medical Imaging 
    • Photo Documentation 
    • Analytical Chemistry 
    • Fiber Analysis 
    • Environmental Science 
    • Geology 
    • Laser Beam Profiling 
    • Oceanography 
    • Forestry 
    • Image Annotation

    Sample Imaging Applications
    The following is a list of some of the ways we have helped our customers meet their imaging application needs, 
    either directly, using macros or by way of custom applications!
    If you would like to discuss your particular application, please feel free to contact us.
    • Low light level fluorescence imaging
    • DNA calibrated ploidy analysis
    • Digital De-convolution
    • 4D Microscopy
    • FRET Imaging
    • Time-lapse and cell tracking
    • Ca++ dual wave ratioing and Ion ratioing
    • pH dual wave ratioing
    • Ion ratioing of up to 5 wavelengths
    • Plastic particle analysis
    • Comet assay application
    • Failure analysis (structure analysis)
    • Tissue densitometry
    • Color analysis
    • FISH
    • High magnification DIC
    • Gene expression
    • GFP fluorescent automation
    • Auto fluorescence
    • Live carcass analysis using ultrasound
    • Andrology analysis
    • Floc (water) analysis
    • Z-axis image acquisition
    • 3D reconstruction
    • 4D microscopy
    • Autoradiography
    • Image archiving
    • GEL analysis
    • Pathological studies
    • Neuron tracing
    • Color densitometry
    • Paint analysis
    • General morphometry
    • Cell tracking
    • Motion analysis
    • Bacteria counting
    • Tracer analysis
    • Pesticide quantification
    • Food quality analysis
    • Leed analysis
    • Image montage (large image construction and stitching)
    • BetaCell Analysis
    • In situ hybridization
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Calibrated Densitometry
    • Carl Zeiss Axioplan microscope automation control
    • Digital Camera applications
    • XYZ scanning stage control
    • Counting Applications
    • Image Merging Applications
    • Object separation applications
    • Fast 96 well XY scanning and measuring application
    • Real time digital camera saving application (up to 47 images per second to the hard drive)
    • Graphing Brightness vs. Time application - up to 80 measurements per second
    • Image Annotation

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:  What types of automatic physical object measurements can you make on images?
    A:  Please see the Measurements List.  You can also make many other measurements as well, such as a measuring intensity along a line or a traced path, etc.  Please see the Features And Functions section for more details.

    Q:  Can you measure color and monochrome images?
    A:  Yes, we can measure both color and monochrome images.

    Q:  How can I get a demonstration of your software?
    A:  Please contact us to discuss your imaging requirements and if it looks like the software is a good fit for your application, we can make arrangements for a demonstration.

    Q:  Can your software run on a Mac?
    A:  Yes, we have a separate version available which runs under OSX, version 10.4.

    Q:  Can you provide on-site training for your software?
    A:  Yes, we do provide on-site training specific to YOUR application and YOUR needs.

    Q:  Do you support digital cameras.
    A:  Yes, we do.  You can look at SOME of the digital cameras we support here.

    Q:  Can you supply and entire system including camera, computer, and microscope adapters?
    A:  Yes, we can supply as much or as little as you need.

    Q:  How much does your software cost?
    A:  It all depends on what modules you may need in addition to our base package.  Compared to competitive packages, we are typically 25% to 50% of their cost.  Most users only require our base software for their applications, but please contact us to discuss your imaging requirements and we can tell you exactly what additional modules would be needed (if any) and how much it will cost.

    Q:  Do you offer a discount for universities?
    A:  Yes, we have both a standard university discount and also preferred universities discount where we have a large number of users.  Contact us for more information regarding your university.

    Need more info?   Email us or call 724-728-7493.

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